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Just listened to a live debate between creationist Ray Comfort and YouTube atheist AronRa and I gotta say... it was a bit of a bust.

For starters, right when the debate was scheduled to begin, the site goes offline, resulting in the debate being about twenty minutes late, and me needing an alternative link to listen in. Then, just when the debate itself really starts to get heated, the connection begins to cut out, so I only got to hear a few snippets of it, and ultimatly, we run out of the designated time.

As much as I feel underwhelmed and frustrated by this apparent disaster, I will say this: from what I could hear, Ray was having ass handed to him on a silver platter.:iconpelvicthrustplz:

Edit: Full debate here…


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alexine-pankhurst Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2013
Thanks a lot for your comment and your watchful eyes on my sadly mislabeled Ceratosaurus. That's what happens when you post old drawings in a rush!
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Hey there. :)
It's a little weird of me to do this, but I am offering commissions. My prizes are very reasonable. I was wondering if you'd be interested on it. Or perhaps advertising me too? :aww: Here's my commission journal [link] I also have a discount of the 25% for the first 5 people. Three slots are left.

I am embarrassed about this, but I'd really like some more customers. :)

Thank you very much in advance.
DOTB18 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2012
You wouldn'y happen to know of any secular sources, would you? Just to be sure.
DOTB18 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2012
The reason why you can't use the Bible as evidence for itself is because it is full of contradictions.

Matthew 1:16 says that Joseph's father was Jacob, while Luke 3:23 says his father was Heli.

Genesis 1 says that God created man last, while the very next chapter says that man was created first.

There are five passages that say God does change his mind, and three that say he doesn't.

Genesis 7:7 and 7:13 have Noah entering the Ark twice.

Genesis 11:7-9; God sows discord. Proverbs 6:16-19; God hates anyone who sows discord.

I'd include more, but it's late and I'm tired.
TillShilohComes Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2012
The Word of God, contains no contradictions.

Jacob was Josephs natural father, Heli was Mary's father, when Joseph married Mary, he took upon himself his father in law's line also, an it is an adoption, so Heli too was counted as his true father. Each apostle gives a 'line' both are Josephs line.

Genesis gives us creation, while Gen two expounds on it, and in particular, the creation of mankind.

God can change His mind, if He so chooses, but He does not change His mind on things that He cannot, due to them being a covenant, a promise, etc. He never breaks His Word.

V 11 & 13, "in the same day"; "in the selfsame day". This is actually giving you an exact day, a timeline.
v 6&7 say the same thing, it is emphisized in them all and so too 7 days. The seven days were seven Sabbaths, 7 weeks.

Genesis.11:7-9, confound them, confound their language
Proverbs.6:16-19. 'men' that sow discord among their brothers.

If you really want to read the Bible use the KJV, it is by far the better translation. I don't mean the others have bits left out, the language is better.

Mate, I am beat! I been working on the koine Greek all day, and sympathize. The above is simply done, I did not want to give you an essay.:)
DOTB18 Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2012


The Bible is ripe with inconsistencies and contradictions. That's a fact.
(3 Replies)
TillShilohComes Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2012
Wrong on 5 counts.

For example, your first paragraph. Using only the Matthew.16:28, you have it wrong, here Jesus is saying none of them will die before they see Him 'transfigured' the same way as He would be seen at the second advent. You really should read in context AND with understanding, because right after this, in Matt.17:1-2, this is exactly what happens. Christ is (v2) transfigured in front of them. For 'transfigured' here the Greek word 'Metamorphoo' is used 'to change form'.
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